​Media Watcher is not a fact-checker, but we can generally spot a dangerous generalization or a gross exaggeration of the truth. We know that you can, too, and that's why we need you to keep tabs on the media right alongside us. Gone are the days when news organizations valued us as consumers that demanded objectivity.

Pandering and identity politics have made their way into our newsrooms and have taken over or replaced journalistic ethics. The media knows that we're divided, politically, and they have been capitalizing on it by steadily moving viewers from the middle to the far Left. This will not change until enough of us hold them accountable for their 'yellow journalism.' Join with us and become a media watcher.

Welcome to Media Watcher

It's no secret that our media has become extremely biased and that reporters no longer report the news as they see it but have become editorial 'activists, busy spinning the facts to suit their own ideological narratives.

We at Media Watcher think it's time we kept a record of these statements and held the 'perpetrators' accountable for them. While it's impossible to catalog and archive all the outrageous falsehoods that we're exposed to on a daily basis, we decided to set up this website and ask for your input. We intend to publish as many quotes and articles written by journalists and commentators as we can in order to expose them for all the phony news and propaganda they're spreading.