Stephan Helgesen is the publisher of Media Watcher. He is a former career U.S. diplomat who lived and worked in over 30 countries for 25 years. He is the author of three books on the Republican Party and has written well   over 1,000

articles on politics, economics and social trends. His media involvement includes a political website ( as well as hosting a radio show in the Albuquerque, New Mexico market. He is a regular panelist on a monthly NPR talk show and is a U.S. political commentator for both the Danish National Broadcasting System and privately-owned Danish radio and TV stations.

Fortunately, Americans are a skeptical lot. We know that there are those who lust for our money and will do and say anything to get us to part with it, but the traditional media is not alone. Due to the rise of social media, the captains of the old media empires are consolidating rather than fighting for customers and this is forcing smaller news organizations and community newspapers out of business.


And if that's the case, we have a duty to make sure that truth isn't the innocent victim of corporate mergers. That's one of the principal reasons we've set up this website…to convince journalists, media organizations and advertisers that a press that is truthful and free from censorship is America's only hope for survival. 

We consider ourselves 'truth warriors' at Media Watcher, and as such, we're prepared to go the distance to call out lies, phony reporting and slanderous speech. Though our politics is largely conservative, we realize that fake news is served up on both sides of the media aisle. America is experiencing a crisis of confidence in its media and this isn't going to change anytime soon. We aren't going to return to the days when the 'Big Three' networks and our major newspapers were competing for stories based on facts and well-sourced reporting. Today the media has gone in the exact opposite direction and are using the 'National Enquirer' model to tantalize us rather than inform us. The media giants want to be kingmakers, not servants of the people.

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