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This is your page. If you've heard a comment made by a journalist or prominent person that is simply outrageous, please send it to us along with your own comments. You may remain anonymous. All we ask is that you identify the source of the comment and tell us the approximate date when you heard it. Please send all submissions from our Contact Page to: editor@mediawatcher.org

NPR now judge and jury  On November 10th, on 'Morning Edition' Steve Inskeep led off his segment on the DOJ's investigations into possible voter fraud by pronouncing the President's allegations as "baseless." Not quite what you would expect from a fair and balanced PUBLICLY FUNDED reporting organization is it? - submitted by S.H.

NPR refuses to acknowledge real news  On Oct. 25th, NPR's managing editor said that NPR wouldn't talk about the Joe Biden/Hunter Biden revelations and that the story was just a 'distraction' for its readers/listeners. What chutzpah!! - submitted by S.H.

Morning Edition...again! On September 8, 2020, on 'Morning Edition' on NPR a fulsome review of an anti-Trump 'tell all' book by convicted liar, Michael Cohen, was roundly discussed by reporter Anastasia Tsioulcas and Steve Inskeep. Rarely do we see anything like this from NPR done for pro-Trump books and points up the anti-Trump bias of 'America's Radio Station.' - submitted by S.H.

NPR does it again! On September 1, 2020, on 'Morning Edition,' Rachel Martin interviewed David Bowen, a Democrat member of the Wisconsin State Legislature who is also a member of that state's Black Caucus about his feelings about the President's upcoming visit to his state. After allowing Bowen to castigate the President for several minutes, Martin let him evade the direct question and NPR didn't bother to interview a Republican member of the legislature for an opposing opinion. - submitted by S.H.


On 'Sunday with Chris Wallace On Aug. 23rd, Democrat Senator from Delaware, Chris Coons, lambasted the President for 'helping accelerate violence' (by sending in federal law enforcement to Portland); for promoting a 'divisive angry tone' and for "peddling quackery" (about the Coronavirus) among other over the top comments. On that same program, Juan Williams said, "The President doesn't want people to vote" (for his statements about not wanting to fund massive mail-in balloting). - submitted by S.H.


On NPR's program '1A' On August 3, 2020, Former Secretary of Housing and Urban Development, Shaun Donovan, accused President Trump of "racist policies." He was interviewed by Jen White who also interviewed Karyn Lacy, Assistant Professor of Sociology at the University of Michigan. Lacy accused the President of wanting to "bring back the days of discrimination". Also on the program was Emily Badger, a reporter for the NY Times. The program was totally one-side…against the President.  Want to send in your comment to 1A? Email them at 1a@wamu.org - submitted by S.H.